Friday, November 20, 2015

Painting in the Italian Landscape with Kurt Moyer and the Jerusalem Studio School in Civita Castellana, Italy. July 18 - Aug 1, 2016

I am very excited to be returning to Civita Castellana with the Jerusalem Studio School next summer!  Please consider joining us on this immersive artistic trip of a lifetime.
Follow the links below to learn more.
Feel free to contact me directly at

See you next summer in Italy!!!!

Also Check out this amazing video by Larry Groff of the Painting Perceptions Blog:

And this podcast by Antese Wood of the Savvy Painter Podcast!  My students will be in the Affiliate program so things will be a little less intense.... but not much.

The Italian Influence: Artist Talk by Kurt Moyer. New York Figure Study Guild, Steve Carpenter Art Center, Rochester, NY November 17, 2015

A selection of paintings from "Kurt Moyer: Landscapes" Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA January 2016

Harvest Moon 36x30 oil on linen

Maple Forest 22x26 oil on linen

Mendon Ponds Woods 24x36 oil on linen

Summer Apple Tree 28x30 oil on linen

Sketch for the Road to Amelia 16.25x22.5 oil on linen

White Walnut with Blue Bells 30x24 oil on wood

Avalon Pier 12.5x20 oil on wood

Spring Magnolias 24x30 oil on wood

Castel St. Elia 16.25x22.5 oil on linen

Kurt Moyer: Landscapes. Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Jan 6 - 29, 2016

Kurt Moyer: New Arcadia. Axom Gallery, Rochester, NY. Nov 30 - January 12 2013

Presence: The Figure in Contemporary Painting. Jeremy Long, Kurt Moyer, Kyle Staver. The Davis Gallery, Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Jan 20 - Feb 13, 2012

Kurt Moyer: Bathers and Landscapes. Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Sept 5 - 30, 2012

Kurt Moyer, Bathers and Butterflies. Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA. Feb 23 - Mar 13, 2009

Kurt Moyer: New Works with Cheryl Agulnick Hochberg. eDavid Gallery, Bethlehem, PA. May 18 - Jun 21, 2008

Four Realists- Eileen Goodman, Mark Karnes, Kurt Moyer, Scott Noel. Loyola College Julio Fine Arts Gallery. Mar 15 - Apr 12, 2007

Friday Friends- Michael Allen, William Kocher, Kurt Moyer, George Sorrels, John David Wissler . Franklin and Marshall College. Oct 5 - Nov 5, 2006

The Ever Changing Landscape. Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. Aug 6 - Oct 22 2005

Kurt Moyer: New Paintings. Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Oct. 18 - Nov. 9, 2005

Kurt Moyer: Landscape, Vistas, and Light. Freyberger Gallery Penn State University Sept. 5 - Oct. 10, 2002